Welcome! I'm Maryann.

For as long as I can remember, I have always had an interest in alternative healing modalities. This resulted in me attending many courses in various disciplines such as reiki, aromatherapy, and iridology – to name a few. After many years working in the field of Human Resources in the corporate world, I realised that my life-purpose of “helping others to help themselves” was being tainted by too many negative influences in the business environment. The conflict between the negative energy in the workplace and the positive energy that I felt when practising kinesiology and biochemic therapy on family and friends became too much. I happily bid farewell to the corporate environment and set up my own business focusing on holistic healing.Through my healing work at CHOICES HOLISTIC HEALING I am able to offer my clients the opportunity to make their own health choices.

I am qualified in Biochemic therapy and Kinesiology and use both modalities to help others to help themselves. I love what I do – I know that I am in the right place, living my purpose and feel an enormous sense of satisfaction and gratitude for the life that I am now able to have.

CHOICES HOLISTIC HEALING is based in the greater Centurion area where I work from my home. Biochemic consultations can take place on-line via Zoom / MS Teams.


The philosophy of Kinesiology is that we are all created perfectly for what it is we need to achieve in life. However, stress sometimes takes us off course and leaves our bodies in a state of imbalance. Our bodies are designed to adapt to change and to self-regulate, however, when we cannot adapt efficiently, the muscles will reflect the stress created.
Kinesiology is a non-invasive, gentle method of identifying where these imbalances have occurred in our bodies through using muscle monitoring to communicate with the body. Kinesiology is a bio-feedback technique that taps directly into your subconscious mind. The purpose of kinesiology therapy is to stimulate the body’s energy system to restore balance and allow the body to self-heal. By uncovering the source of the stress, the Kinesiology therapist is able to apply various protocols to restore balance to all systems in the body on a mental, emotional, physical and energetic level.
Each Kinesiology session is different as it addresses the individual’s unique pattern of imbalances in relation to current issues or desired goals. A session will typically last about 1 hour, however, depending on the severity of the issue being dealt with, may require a few sessions before the issue is properly cleared and balanced.
Sessions may include working with meridians, chakras, crystals, acupressure points, nutrition, specific muscles, neurovascular points, etc.

Some benefits that may be achieved with Kinesiology:
 Increased energy
 Clear pain (physical or emotional)
 Recuperate faster
 Release stress
 Personal growth
 Clear fears & habits
 Learn more easily

Tissue Salt Products

I work with tissue salt powders because they are more readily absorbed by the body and easier to take when you need a combination of tissue salts. After a consultation, a specific combination will be made up according to what your body needs. The minerals are diluted in a lactose powder base through the process of trituration.
In order to help you to help yourself and your family to treat acute conditions, I have combined certain tissue salts to treat some specific ailments. The following off-the-shelf products are available:

Revitalize  Boosts energy, vitality and eases muscle fatigue 
Cold Remedy  Helps body cope with the symptoms of colds & flu 
Sinus Soother  Helps body cope with the symptoms of sinus 
Party Mix  Helps body recover from the effects of alcohol 
Lymph Mix  Helps body cope with lymph congestion 
Period Mix  Eases cramps, headaches and bloating  
Hayfever Mix  Helps body cope with the symptoms of hayfever 
Rejuvenate  Helps restore energy levels in body 
General Maintenance  Helps maintain mineral levels 
KID-EASE – Be Calm  To soothe anxiety, irritability, anxiety & excitability 
KID-EASE – Bones & Teeth  For bone health, teething & toothache 
KID-EASE – Coughs & Colds  For relief of sore throat, coughs & mucous discharge 
KID-EASE – Tummy Soother  For relief from sore tummy, loss of appetite & reflux 
First Aid Box (numbers 1-12) 50g bottles  This is a great starter pack for anyone wishing to
choose the natural way of healing by supporting
your body with tissue salts. List of which tissue
salts to use to treat various ailments is included  

These combination tissue salts are available in 50g, 100g, 250g, and 300g containers.

Individual numbers of the powdered Tissue Salts are also available in these sizes

Prices available on request. Tissue salts can be shipped country-wide for an additional fee.